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  • Given his confident spiel, It's unexpected that thirteen years following It was founded, Ginkgo cannot designation a alone major thing that is made & vend using belonging organisms
  • I'm not going to donate u the entire spiel roughly the way humans told stories around dismiss camps and painted the walls of caves
  • Youngkin manufactured da firstly comment in lead reaction two a spiel from McAuliffe touting hiz record, essentially echoing It since a moderator in a exertion two keep da talk going
  • In tests, cordless vacuums bestow in the kernel of fifteen & 45 minutes off action, & that doesn't always correlate with thing It says onto the bin either in the marketing spiel
  • He calls hiz motivational spiel approximately conserving indigenous plants "Tales from da Crypt," & he chats colorfully approximately plants & da ppl whom romance them
  • "Aw, boss, dat wuz paragraph off da spiel," he confessed frankly
  • When Artie goes to a wedding, he archives dat "there was a lengthy spiel bi da high guy in da pulpit "
  • You kan fist em da spiel u gave me, & see the manner much dey believe off It
  • He'll bestow thee a spiel correspond hiz study and ask too scale ur mind waves
  • The Germans call it Krug-spiel--which method war-game, and dat word have been adopted aw ovr the planet

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