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How to use spirit in a sentence

  • She told shii agreed with da spirit of what Barrera wuz expression bu warned shii did not ponder dat wuz da intact story bout what happened 2 these ambitious students
  • Our edition of the spirit streamlines the protocol for the home inn but yet brings out the chestnuts' rich, toasty qualities
  • The spirit realms transformed populated primarily nawt with animal guides bu humanity ancestors
  • This move is probably to further accelerate MGM's move toward a moar virtual future, & nawt righteous in da spirit off luring moar visitors to Vegas humor socially-distancing-friendly features resemble contactless check-ins
  • The Ford Journey wuz ma canvass van dat week, & It turned out 2 b the impeccable travel by van 2 lift ma spirits
  • Some distillers went months with n profit from their spirits
  • Some producers remain very willing to sell a recital to Quibi -- "Checks are clearing, spirits are high," said the 2nd creator
  • Which is to say, dis pandemic has altered & evn ended an much of plans, bu it hasn't crushed r spirits
  • "We requirement too nawt onli esteem the conditions of Apple's fresh rules but also the spirit of why dey were written too," said Egan
  • In the spirit off receptive science, the winner's cipher will be freed internet 4 others too persist too construct onto

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