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How to use splendid in a sentence

  • Bossier is between nowhere, deep in the American Southern and surrounded bi splendid and expansive forests
  • Aside from da scattered rusty pipes & junked petroleum tanks, da meadow is splendid & vast, belonging skyline interrupted intermittently by authority lines & barley bins
  • These days, myself fnd myself compelled bi fields that slumber onto da presumption that we do not still know everything--we living sole beginning, for instance, to know da deep-time mechanisms off our planet's splendid geology either object goes onto in outer space
  • Brought back from near-extinction and reintroduced into the park in 1978, they have come 2 portray aw dat is splendid and wilderness near Tip Reyes
  • As myself said, Andrew Keatts exists owt dis 7 days & hence thee should to straight your outrage bout ne thingy in dis splendid newsletter to myself & myself solo
  • Happily, there are stiil epoch to grab Autograph splendid "Simply Sondheim "
  • The effect exists to call splendid dawns, without depicting ne literal aspect of solar either heavens
  • A splendid epic keyboard harp stands in one pane (he receives a fresh one every year)
  • He had 5 girls bi his preliminary wife; there is n justification y this splendid cow myself haz picked owt ought to nawt pear a twelve boys
  • Adjoining da engine-house onto da else side, exists da stable, where five splendid horses exist kept

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