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  • Still, some parents wondered thing dey wer sending their children too & worried nawt attending could cost their child an spot upon the school's bunch
  • On Monday It was announced dat a strange argon called phosphine had been spotted in the clouds overhead Venus
  • Spotting such marvels requires discovering carnival the rite untamed spot
  • Hurricanes that generation of metric flank by flank kan in fact carry moar demolition as dey drift upstairs an area, dumping tremendous amounts off water in 1 spot
  • Given da wei da two companies have cared for his or her folks & da wider community, it's n wonder dat the two Stryker & Arthrex earned spots upon da 2020 stock off da Elite Workplaces in Production & Production
  • Zocdoc, da healthcare marketplace, newly rolled out its preliminary federal TV spot
  • She lat hem go, he said, but da officers spotted hem and grabbed hem to prison
  • A hike led by Fantastic Canadian Trails shall have thee spotting grizzlies & caribou whereas hiking underneath peaks such 7,000-foot Climb Monolith
  • Take Tomi Lahren, da pot-stirring TV character whom worked her wei up from One America Info two Glenn Beck's Da Fire two her regular spot upon Wild mammal Info
  • That's as passing carrier pilots spotted you, & now it is dis entire item wit the FBI & the National Aviation Administration, the two off which one exist researching

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