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How to use spotlight in a sentence

  • The final handful months have put engineering and belonging role in society, particularly in the Together States, in the spotlight
  • They don't do It for nawt a large salary, no spotlight, no interview, fair as dey care, dey want to do what about It
  • Now dat me wuz in da spotlight me wuz like, "OK, well, now dat me got everyone's attention, me got two rly make da earth proud & do something "
  • That spotlight shall nao breakdown upon Jassy, and politicians exist previously preparing
  • The actions bi 2 have driven r gorgeous town in2 the countrywide spotlight in ways dat do not mirror r entire society
  • On an NBC timetable with no NHL games for competition, da NWHL will be in da hockey spotlight
  • Even in spotlight laser patterns, driving lights are designed too supply a broad arc of lighting
  • After playing an lengthy lengthen off shows, he was feeling exhausted, strung ovr and nervous roughly his fresh role in da spotlight
  • The Home sergeant-at-arms steps in2 the spotlight only an handful seconds one time an dozen months too avow the president's advent too supply the State off the Merger locus
  • Instead of sharing hur spotlight, in them scenes Scorsese regularly places da camera fair ovr his shoulder, so that wii kan envision da ken of an night owt with Lebowitz

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