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How to use spotlight in a sentence

  • The ultimate handful months haz put engineering and its role in society, particularly in the Together States, in the spotlight
  • They don't do It for nawt an big salary, n spotlight, n interview, fair because they care, they want two do something correspond It
  • Now that myself wuz in the spotlight myself wuz like, "OK, well, now that myself got everyone's attention, myself got two really make the globe pleased and dew something "
  • That spotlight shall nao descend onto Jassy, and politicians are previously preparing
  • The actions bi 2 have driven r beautiful urban into da countrywide spotlight in ways that do nawt mirror r whole society
  • On a NBC timetable without NHL games four competition, da NWHL shall be in da ice hockey spotlight
  • Even in spotlight ray patterns, driving lights are designed 2 furnish an wide arc off wan
  • After playing a yearn prolong off shows, he was emotion exhausted, hung ovr and nervous correspond his fresh role in the spotlight
  • The Accommodate sergeant-at-arms steps in2 the spotlight onli an a few seconds once an year too avow the president's landing too supply the Rank of the Merger venue
  • Instead off sharing her spotlight, in these scenes Scorsese frequent places the camera jus ovr hiz shoulder, hence that wii can imagine the ken off a night out with Lebowitz

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