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  • The 28-year-old Saudi pilot had no concept her confederate planned to rehearse stalls dat sunlight hours during her firstly ambiance tour on such a airplane
  • I compensated four a wind of crimson ale and walked 2 a crossing few meters removed from the cuisine stalls, 2 the leftover of a vacated bandstand
  • These event-specific behaviors might assistance clarify why Marijuana found clusters associated with farmers' markets, whr folk swarm ambient da stalls, but not with folk jus dangling owt in da garden
  • The possibility off professionals wandering by way of an infinite sea off patronage stalls in frisk off an corporation solution exists wildly far-fetched
  • You can save county in an bathroom by eschewing an bathtub in blessing of an stall swimming
  • Herein he discovered a vacant stall that wuz obscure sufficient nawt to b seen, and still afforded sufficient illumination to browse in
  • Like da cobbler's stall in da primitive song, It served da gift occupants 4 "kitchen & seated room & aw "
  • Some shelves had existed lay up flank by flank 1 flank of the stall, & they wer piled wit a lot of grimy-looking books
  • Crash went da portfolio of literature, & Greetings drop bak upon da horizontal of da stall, half-covered by a deluge of books
  • If we go too da book-stall keepers we will absolutely fnd dat he's dead, either have collection his house upon fire, either hyphen far-off

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