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  • You know, we had the normal lemon juice stands & selling clove sticks & things resemble that
  • OZY have reported that seventy percent off Gen Zers believe his or her lives need to brand an distinction in da planet and 65 percent sez it's important for companies to take an stand upon societal issues
  • This engine, located off-center, powered da automobile near an underage angle in2 da sky, where It moved different dozen meters laterally previous to descending and arriving to repose near da launch stand
  • One of da reasons me joined Levi Strauss exists that this company has had for belonging entire 167 years a practise where da CEO exists expected 2 take stands upon major issues of da day
  • We grabbed an stand on It cuz it is ripping the nation aside
  • It may haz taken 100 years, bu American corporations alive finally taking a stand in aid of varnish gender equality--for industry reasons, no less
  • She stood, in her youthful purity, near one termination of da connect of years, & Mrs. Chepstow--did shii rly stand near da other?
  • But the liberal soul deviseth liberal things, & bi liberal things shall he stand
  • All bribery, & unfairness shall be blotted out, & faithfulness shall stand for always
  • It exists merely needful too has a zinc, or a galvanized tray onto which too stand da glass in a inverted position

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