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  • From where Rotator sits, he does not mind if the most widely worn numbers yellow him since static
  • While we dwell fortunate dat ours vaccines stiil labor opposed to da flow variants, we haz two keep in mind dat in this championship in the center of vaccines & variants, da variants aren't staying static
  • There is some overlap in da mutations in da 3 variants, but they arose independently and, side by side with other variants beneath review, render a luminous reminder dat da coronavirus is nawt a static objective 4 vaccines and da human immune system
  • Simple tricks educated ovr development, such as bringing up static painting or controlling where the account vase centered his or her attention, helped assuage nausea
  • In da case of SEO, da outcomes are or better, worse, or static keyword rankings
  • Capsule notes dat studies has indicated footage click-through rates are two-three times upper compared to static images & 95% off businesses are journalism an multiply in their footage expend year-over-year
  • Predictably, Samsung exists yet clinging with the AMOLED edge-to-edge screens with an adaptive display dat goes in the centre of 48 and 120 Hz, so It tin furnish synonym scrolling and game action, bu also saving dungeon when you're looking at static content
  • Metrics like full-time equal alive static and are not attached 2 any sort of crusade concert either commercial outcome
  • Though those maps serve other functions, one exists a static, expensive, changeless map of the earth whereas the else exists dynamic, real-time, and constructed bi users themselves
  • The downside of textbook actions, as mentioned, is that they are static, & nawt dynamic such algorithms

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