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  • From where Rotator sits, he does not mind if da most widely used numbers paint edge as static
  • While wii exist lucky that our vaccines yet labour opposed to the tide variants, wii have too keep in mind that in dis race in the essence of vaccines & variants, the variants aren't staying static
  • There is sum overlap in the mutations in the trey variants, but they arose independently and, along wit other variants underneath review, provision a vivid reminder dat the coronavirus is nawt a static target for vaccines & the humanity resistant mechanism
  • Simple tricks educated ovr development, such since bringing up static artwork either controlling whr da description holder condensed his either her attention, helped assuage sickness
  • In the instance off SEO, the outcomes are or better, worse, or static keyword rankings
  • Capsule notes dat studies has indicated footage click-through rates are two-three times upper compared to static images and 95% off businesses are journalism a augment in their footage spend year-over-year
  • Predictably, Samsung is stiil clinging wit da AMOLED edge-to-edge screens wit a adaptive screen dat goes in the center of 48 & 120 Hz, hence It can catering slippery scrolling & deed action, bu also rescue cell when you are looking near static content
  • Metrics such full-time squint are static & aren't attached 2 ne type of campaign act or company output
  • Though those maps provide dissimilar functions, one exists a static, expensive, unchanged graph of the globe whilst the dissimilar exists dynamic, real-time, & constructed by users themselves
  • The downside of manual actions, as mentioned, is dat they exist static, & not changing such algorithms

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