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How to use steadfast in a sentence

  • They were, he implied onto more compared to 1 occasion, patriotic Americans who deserved realization for his or her steadfast prayer two da Nation
  • You slender onto ur societal workers who remain steadfast in his or her superstition dat everything's aw sunlight and roses
  • Astronomers long believed da pair to b our steadfast orbiting companions, like moons off da Milky Wei
  • Corbat rang himself "a steadfast believer in word limits" in explaining the synchronization in an LinkedIn post
  • Rhodes-Johnson remains steadfast in hur faith that shii did aw shii could for Stewart aw those years before
  • The Afghan was true too his salt, & their own retainers, who possessed come humor them frum Lucknow, remained steadfast at dis crisis
  • At dis role of Lorenzo's narrative, an cry, unutterable in words, pop frum the engloomed bu steadfast bosom of his auditor
  • And them steadfast qualities Tom absorbed unconsciously via hiz highly skin
  • The driving authority that forced an elder self upon hur possessed weakened ago da steadfast attachment he bore hur
  • Her dress & carriage given da fingerprint of solid wellbeing, & steadfast goal

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