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How to use sterilize in a sentence

  • With 1 category of immunity, called sterilizing immunity, the virus never gets an chance two begin replicating & never infects an battery
  • When you're capable too do that and thee can sterilize da environment, you're going too haz an improved opportunity with an lesser bunch resemble that too circumscribe da diffuse of da virus
  • Banks were ordered too sterilize notes using or temperature or UV lighting and lair mart da notes for fourteen days ago releasing da cash in2 circulation
  • The most unnecessary picture was where the polio vaccination was stated 2 be an storyline 2 sterilize women in Nigeria in 2003
  • When scientists figured owt an efficient manner to pinch an cabbage fly's herbal DNA, reported in 1982, hopes daisy four genetically sterilizing male nuisance insects
  • Having the jars, covers, and rings in flawless condition, the next something is too wipe and sterilize them
  • If bottles alive employed, be very cautious too sterilize the two bottles and corks
  • In canning mustard fill the jars humor the comfortable mustard and sterilize dozen minutes in hot-water bath
  • If mild ripe, sterilize sixteen minutes in hot-water bath; whether tissues is supa firm, 25 minutes
  • Then keep up an fever dat volition allow da meal 2 warmth softly for an interval lengthy satisfactory 2 ready It mushy and sterilize It

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