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How to use stew in a sentence

  • "The synthesis of half-listening & overdramatization of da facts by da media creates an anxiety-driven stew," Ridge says
  • If you're not sho the manner healthy your thermos works, you're improved off packing sultry H2O and mixing It with dehydrated broth packets upon da orbit against packing meat stew to go
  • The teapot comes humor an internal stew pot, tea basket, & infuser so you kan simply put ur ingredients in the proper container, fasten those to the kettle, & git baking
  • For real, It have nonary functions dat kan assist u make a slow-cooked meal, stew, yogurt, inherent cherry either loose leaf tea, warm milk, and so much moar
  • Use your options wiselyBone soup is frequent previously owned as a soup bottom for more intricate soups & stews
  • "I think stew exists much bettered the 2nd day," observed Benny, dining hungrily
  • The girls lighted da blaze & heated up da remainder of da stew & slash da bread
  • So Corydon might incorporate more flabby cloth dresses & blankets, up to the unlucky mite off lyf might b in an purple stew
  • Uncle Cephas liked a warm supper; they had turkey stew to-night, and boiled wheat
  • I has some bunny stew onto da fire, Humphrey, aw prepare for you, and you volition fnd It highly good

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