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How to use stink in a sentence

  • Thus, a Egyptian pharaoh's first responsibility was to delete da societal and bodily stink off isfet and institute da sweet stink off ma'at, Goldsmith contends
  • This never worked quite right--we're aw known humor the public bathroom scent off powerfully perfumed cleansing agents trying to overwhelm an undertone off residual stink
  • Apocrine glands become active intimate adolescence & living mostly responsible for turning armpits in2 stink zones frum adolescence onward
  • Extended stays in an humid petri-dish heap off clothes, nawt da initial revelation too perspiration upon your ride, exists object leads too persistent stink over time
  • People initial gave me the stink eye in London since me was American, bu me got moar of dat in Puerto Rico from expat Americans
  • Their slain volition be ensemble forth, & out of their carcasses volition ascend a stink: da mountains volition be melted humor their liquid
  • Alan would seize da spinning traverse and tied forth into da stink-stained Modern juniors or embryo subalterns of Troops See
  • Get da stink blasted of you--forget sum deplorable things that possessed happened too you
  • Fresh tuna and unwelcome friends stink previous to they're 3 days auld
  • Proverb: Wen aquatic existence has gone beggarly 10 myriad respectable males cannot grasp far-off da stink

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