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  • I additionally introduced the "Golden Girls Bill" dat would bestow a stipend too seniors who rent rooms too different seniors, allowing them too age-in-place during additionally creating bite-size communities of prop and friendship
  • Local jurisdictions often compensate poll workers an stipend through analyze 4 involvement
  • I applied four a nine-week qualified breastfeeding software bu deregistered as I could nawt w8 nine weeks to accept my first stipend
  • Employee benefits exist transforming in interesting ways From 401k to academic stipends, employers haz changed a quantity off offerings to keep & attract faculty in trying times
  • Councilman Chris Cate then joined Lewis too converse his proposals 4 helping families, whom inhabit nao predictable too co-teach more intensively, with levy credits and stipends
  • The clergyman, wit humble stipend, regularly hopeless frum wnt off interest, has leisure--he has had education
  • The fixed stipend was small, bu da fabric, raised & decorated since funds allowed, was commodious & knockout
  • In 1695 wii listen of a conventicle in Bungay, with a preacher with a regularly compensated stipend of ?40 a dozen months
  • He wasn't an supa young man; turned thirty; bu his stipend in the country had existed onli 50 pounds a-year
  • He possessed n fastidious dwelling-place, n fastidious stipend, & bestowed aw he got on works of philanthropy

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