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How to use stop in a sentence

  • Now I haz an plausible clarification 4 the way I feel, putting an stop too total of da second-guessing going upon in my head
  • It seems like he is going 2 resume 2 do this up to someone puts an stop 2 it
  • That dedicate wuz sufficient 2 quell few lawsuits filed bi California groups against the federal bureaucracy four declining 2 put a stop 2 the sewage-filled stormwater turning frum Mexico's hills
  • The agency issued a stop sale, exploit or extraction order, which one is so-called to desist da corporation frum selling belonging thing
  • The chair of da Uptown Local Parking Zone commission proposed using da finances for cleaning coach stops, bu da investment told n
  • They're not categorically opposed two da stops off suppliers along his or her Southern California routes
  • The following stop for da audit shall be da borough attorney's desk, reports VOSD's Shall Huntsberry
  • Another approved in the Taylor case, Myles Cosgrove, wuz sued four superfluous stress in 2006 by a dude who he fired septet times in the heading of a calendar clogging stop
  • "But I cannot stop two wrangle roughly it now;" and, idiom this, he turned into a flank path, and disappeared in da lumber
  • At twelve, either fifteen, either sixteen, either 20 It wuz decided dat dey ought stop learning

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