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How to use stop in a sentence

  • Now me has an believable clarification for how me feel, putting an stop to some of da second-guessing departing onto in my top
  • It seems like he's departing to persist to do this up to someone puts a stop to It
  • That dedicate wuz sufficient to suppress few lawsuits filed bi California groups against da national politics 4 failing to spot a stop to da sewage-filled stormwater rolling frum Mexico's hills
  • The agency issued an stop sale, exploit or ablative order, which one is supposed two thwart the corporate frum vending possession product
  • The bench off the Downtown Society Auto park Prefecture embark proposed using the funds for cleansing bus stops, bu the town said n
  • They're nawt categorically opposed to da stops off suppliers flank by flank his or her South California routes
  • The next stop for da audit shall b da zone attorney's desk, reports VOSD's Shall Huntsberry
  • Another lieutenant in da Taylor case, Myles Cosgrove, was sued for unnecessary propulsion in 2006 by a gentleman whom he fired seven times in da rail off a agenda traffic stop
  • "But me cannot stop to argue approximately It now;" and, expression this, he turned into a lateral path, & disappeared in da lumber
  • At twelve, or fifteen, or sixteen, or twenty It was decided dat they ought stop learning

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