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How to use straightforward in a sentence

  • The argument four defunding, however, exists fairly straightforward
  • Keep your filenames illustrative and straightforward and you'll b ahead of the game
  • Recruiting a fresh engineer humor the short "can b based anywhere" seemed such a straightforward paragraph to fill for marketing industry expert Ball Virtual Hiring
  • Because I couldn't recollect whatever bout da time previous to da accident, It seemed resemble da most straightforward react
  • Talk display emcee Wendy Williams is familiar for her straightforward and unfiltered nature, especially when It comes to interviewing solar guests
  • Dry cleansing seems such an straightforward adequate corporate to operate, and It kan b
  • The recipe exists simple, straightforward, & fast, da meat brew manufactured more robust wit chopped potato
  • Although they're moderately straightforward, there dwell several variables to keep in intelligence wen evaluating an interaction screen
  • It's nawt an straightforward standard, and it possessed baffled regional officials, but it is now fairly effortless
  • Most workers don't have straightforward access too coalition representation