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How to use stranger in a sentence

  • Estrada, whom already led legal & plan operations at Owl & administration relations at Lyft, exists n stranger to playing orb humor regulatory agencies
  • From item career thee pick too item nip thee want for lunch, we beware match item ours friends, families, and fulfil strangers think--otherwise, Yap would not alive
  • You broom opposed to strangers in da road & see thingy response your acquaintance evokes
  • A fulfil stranger had misplaced entry to his bitcoin private keys--and wanted Stay's assist getting his $300,000 back
  • In da initial study, singles went onto a sightless appointment with a stranger and reported the way things went
  • Further excavation in2 the pathway discovered an evn stranger beacon
  • While total borders stay closed to worldwide tour from particular countries with upper rates of Covid-19, plenty of travelers alive confronting confined space with strangers, recycled air four hours upon end, & lengthy quarantines upon landing
  • As kids stay residence frum school and spend moar time online, they might go down victim too predatory loved ones and internet strangers
  • Versus an cocktail jubilee dialogue 4 the same amount off time humor an stranger since well, bu now in dis very distinct context & it's no longer Stephen, the reporter
  • Before Ripperda could unclasp his mouth to reply, the stranger had opened the door, & passed through It like a gliding tint

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