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How to use straying in a sentence

  • Authorities told a roam ballistic hit the windscreen of a auto parked upon O Street, & farther roam ballistic hit the fore passenger sluice of a auto that was beast motivated upon North Capitol Motorway
  • The monitor more and more strays frum the obdurate woman on whose head the coronet rests two spend time wit them in disorder as an result of its distributed weight
  • Well, he vanished pre-election Simply for dat stray erection!
  • Major regime groups, resemble since Disney, Fox, NBCUniversal & ViacomCBS, haz expanded his either her streaming footprints in tide years, therefore da money at jeopardy off straying from his either her straight stock injury up going to his either her streaming slots
  • I mean, ther exist moar stray dogs compared to proprietary dogs in da world
  • This puts stress upon voters 2 submit ballots that do not stray 2 distant from da consensus except whether they wnt 2 b socially humiliated
  • Errors can prowl in since qubits communicate wit his or her environment, possibly including electromagnetic fields, seethe or rove atoms or molecules
  • Of course, since you mentioned, lot off da "debate" strayed far moar in2 da matt off vitriol and squint subjective threats and da resemble
  • The monotony of ours travel was instead romantically interrupted bi ours straying for an concise extent frum da ceremony pathway
  • Its truths, so effortless & yet so grand, were intimate one time a teacher & a reproof 2 keep hur feet from straying from the skinny manner

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