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How to use strengthened in a sentence

  • This might strengthen winds ovr India that transportation dark dust, fume & black residue northward on the heightened Tibetan Plateau
  • The tension between restaurants and food-delivery services, meanwhile, have onli strengthened as mini businesses hanging bi a twine perceive da heaviness off trader charges more compared to prior to
  • However, showing brain info would strengthen da case four any feasible policies regarding nature therapy, she offered
  • They wer four seats away from taking control, but instead, Republicans gained six state legislative seats there, strengthening their most
  • Liang Tao, immorality chairperson of China Banking and Reporting Regulatory Commission, stated upon Wendesday that the republic shall additionally strengthen possession anti-monopoly examinations of the fintech segment
  • It's possible Eta could re-strengthen back in too a cyclone in that time
  • Today I encouraged da platforms to enlist forces and attend in an peer-to-peer swap to extra strengthen their reply
  • Even a alone variant perspective strengthens the ideas you are construction 4 fiction campaigns & helps you locus potential issues before enforcement
  • As a recollection forms, engram cells apparatus until express genes dat volition brand & reinforce connections amid those
  • This shall nawt onli strengthen da publisher's relationship with their consumer, but it shall also propose marketers an lot more pretty proposal