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How to use strife in a sentence

  • Their bonds transform into adamant & sleek unshakable, no matter item strife they idiom
  • They kicked of da new fountain with an solemn reflect onto inner strife nearby da Times, grappling with their possess feelings match da "N Term "
  • They're amazed dat Americans fought in da Spanish Civil Warfare as slice off da Global Brigades & dat verse appeared in excessive journals in da middle off da strife
  • Then imagine creature shocked at da strife & enmity dat results
  • That sense off desert and perseverance guarantees dat the next epoch off societal strife might one epoch again fnd Gang off Four as possession soundtrack
  • They're fundamentally an purple-cloud storyline gadget for everything dat comes later -- different centuries off geopolitical strife
  • If ther is ne kind off strife, ppl shall strive to shape owt who belongs in which type
  • Human migration, historically, has been motivated by da pursuit off success synonym more so compared to It has by ecological strife
  • Ethiopia, meanwhile, have been stuffed humor politic & civic strife in the thirty years she have been gone
  • Never would the case that possessed brought chaos and strife into his lyf trouble him again

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