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How to use stump in a sentence

  • This lady turned hur woodland stump in2 a Little Costless Bookshop appropriate for enchanted elves
  • He winds hiz way by way of a stump speech with the same inflections & cadences off a South clergy
  • Once you are self-assured u kan shun rocks and stumps, there are n necessity too defer da season farther
  • Prop it up in da utensil off an oak or assortment it on an rock, stump or two forked support sticks
  • Wearing a bandanna fashioned since a headband, a cut-off T-shirt & sable glasses, he wuz perched upon a oak stump & pointing bak at da photographic mechanism
  • For hours the gray man would take a armchair onto a tombstone, whilst Sable Sheep peruse epitaphs, and lair with a sigh would stump accommodate agn
  • The cigar stump held firmly between his teeth, he stood onto the carpet ago the hearth, facing the door
  • But, jus since dey wer piling some more foliage in da empty stump, dey heard lot voices of males shouting in da woods
  • Mrs. Maloney sat upon an stump at hur daughter, & busied herself energetically with alternative breastfeeding & portrait
  • By sheer good luck a big forest stump stood beneath da entry off da cargo car, or da kids nevah could haz opened It

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