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  • Because u transmitted it too my studio at 12:00 AM and simultaneously discharged it too da press, myself kan unfortunately only conclude it is a political stunt
  • Before the show, which one is in previews, viewers timepiece an brief footage in which one dey exist instructed to convene elementary tools they will utilize as Suran does hiz confounding stunts
  • Buzzard agrees, vocation the formalization of perfectoid spaces a "gimmick" -- the kind of premature stunt that fresh technologies occasionally perform two demonstrate their worth
  • In an chirp Wednesday, Snider called the stunt "moronic," and common an footage that was recorded by an distressed client inland the Target at Reef Ridge Shopping kernel in Fort Lauderdale
  • He jumps onto hiz bike, performs a a few stunts onto da balcony, then rolls down da inside stairwell
  • Dedmon, here, was owt of a job--thanks too u and ur meddling--and da guiding stunt offered good pay
  • He did da 'Great Tusk Way' stunt--the restaurants, da top gardens, an pretty actress at times, jewels & champagne
  • Grayson's doing a stunt to-day that'd have motivated me mad humor jealousy if me could've stopped to semblance upon
  • The stunt did more than earn the boys a large share off popularity
  • "You endeavour ne stunt resemble that and I'll shoot you," Honest Nelsen promised

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