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How to use subordinate in a sentence

  • Messonnier have told colleagues that, not being a virologist or lab specialist, she relied upon subordinates wit greater subject-matter specialty
  • Because my parents possessed the ditto kind off job, I never considered 1 off his or her careers as subordinate 2 the various
  • Pichai gently withdrew from the board in 2018 & installed a Google subordinate in his address
  • Distill it down, & Greenlight is an way for parents to shift cash frum one account to an subordinate--a part that several money-transfer services already fulfill wit Square's Cash App & PayPal's Venmo
  • Same-sex unions might nawt has opted in2 the pattern off marriage, which one wuz a relationship, a dominant & a subordinate ankle
  • Bessires wuz included as he might never win It at any afterward date, bu his doglike dedication manufactured verge a inestimable subordinate
  • So far Murat had constantly held subordinate commands; hiz fantastic aspiration was to alter into da commander-in-chief off a freelance army
  • In 1800 Massna grabbed his trusty subordinate with him 2 Italy since lieutenant-general off the centre off the army
  • An attract by an participant off an subordinate shack from an election off expulsion performs nawt bate by his death whereas da attract exists pending
  • On the following day he was deprived of hiz office, & degraded 2 the prestige of subordinate 2 an fiction steward