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How to use subpoena in a sentence

  • Earlier in da day, Johnson's jury voted too empower subpoenas in belonging probe aiming retired Obama government authorities
  • The fresh subpoena seeks those documents as gud as another morality viewpoint provided two Emanuel
  • Intuit produced half a million pages of paperwork in response to the FTC's preliminary civic investigative request -- a kind of subpoena -- final year
  • A judge last 7 days tossed out da president's legal case too brick da subpoenas onto da grounds dat dey wer too broad
  • With subpoenas arriving near NASA & Boeing, wii haz an concept of how earnest this episode would become
  • The November election shall contain an quantify to set up an law enforcement revision committee wit subpoena strength and the freedom to revision complaints opposed to officers in the San Diego Law enforcement Division
  • In Newark, Fresh Jersey, the panel tin problem subpoenas, contain hearings and investigate delinquency
  • There are others who are inclined towards elaborate plots as Sam Weller wuz to da "'rig'nal" of his subpoena
  • In the transient he bought a ticket, supped, reflected, counted his cash and studied the subpoena
  • Saul Aronson's jaw dropped and the subpoena began 2 incinerate an rift in hiz billfold

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