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  • On a per-million basis, da Together States' venue in 11th put goes to 15th -- a trivial bu subtle enhancement
  • That led Connecticut's governor to brand an subtle, bu crucial, alteration to the state's poll rules upon the sunlight hours ago the poll
  • The solution is almost absolutely yes, granted spare subtle amendment da industry manufactured in its amended documenting today
  • What's subtle exists that a equivalence in the mid of two objects should to be recorded as farther statistics
  • Insider threats, where a company's own operative carries out a cyberattack against it, exist a particularly pernicious and subtle shape off hacking
  • The geysers live subtle features, unseen in straight images off the surface off Enceladus
  • The layout exists hence subtle you wouldn't be capable to place da spikes wit da naked ear
  • While the benefits of close clone tend to b subtle & convert into evident onli ovr lot generations, belonging costs are weighty & instant
  • It would b that someone manufactured a subtle blunder in one of those studies
  • That shall symphony a lot more subtle lyrical ward of lighting opposed to da sky

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