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  • She sued da HFPA in 2020, claiming that it embodied a "culture off bribery "
  • Each was firsthand sued by CGA, and da Los Angeles scale will additionally probably be challenged in court
  • None off da recommendations included suing da office 2 free data sooner than It possessed planned
  • He wuz one of Harvey Weinstein's fiercest opponents and sued Weinstein's corporation 2 get restitution four survivors
  • Tech companies are, of course, suing to hindrance da legislation frum taking effect idiom It violates da Cyber Levy Liberty Act
  • Top lobbying groups backed by Amazon, Facebook, Google and various engineering giants sued Maryland upon Thursday, seeking two scuttle a fiction state levy upon his either her giant online-advertising income -- and thwart various local governments from after possession lineal
  • Business behalf groups haz denounced da plans, with two, da Northwest Food boutique League & da Washington Cuisine Industry Association, suing Seattle
  • Unions representing Novel York City's legislation implementation officers, firefighters & corrections officers lair sued to desist da disclosures
  • The state's largest merger four nurses sued the Well-being Department four policies It told threatened front-line well-being care workers
  • Zell sued the State Department in early December, upon interest of 20 involuntary Americans whose lives have existed upturned bi FATCA

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