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How to use sundry in a sentence

  • Skeptics raise sundry objections, not nearby minimum dat consciousness could nevah be reduced to a single number, lat solo the scale dat Tononi proposes
  • It have inspired a flock off cosmologists two constitute papers, teach classes, & release textbooks correspond da sundry ways price multiply could haz played owt
  • In da cartoon gig, she pokes pleasure near daily occurrences, since hur character wonders how life would be if she met explosion icons in sundry situations
  • By contrast, Grantham summons sundry metrics & statistics to bracket his precedent
  • From accounts preserved off the sums spent at sundry receptive feasts at Coventry (Anno 1452 to 1464) we fnd dat 2s
  • The truth that vowing and swearing to God are a percentage off his service is manifest, since wii haz seen frum sundry passages off Scripture
  • The tide wuz down; & sundry Arabs wer regaling their bare feet in the mud, athletic & shouting
  • Bishop Fox in hiz injunctions in 1507 forbade sundry priests to seize any text wit the abbess or wit any off the nuns
  • The noise, the coming & going, ceased at the third floor, where sundry members off the bat had his or her apartments
  • Many else lords made vows anent sundry matters, and all males drank da heirship ale

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