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How to use sunless in a sentence

  • The dean off it faces da doors off da prison; its limb descends into da sunless slums off da Bottom Calton
  • It wuz a incredible thng dat resemble a bloom of love should to have bloomed thus sweetly in resemble sunless cells
  • He knew which flank off da oak 2 tap, too, & avoided da sunless northern revelation
  • This phase wuz too the bad lawyer's hapless ardor such the tardy season known since the Indian summertime after an sunless year
  • A flash went through him, resemble thunder in a sunless sky, conjuring up in him weird phantasms
  • Yes, animalistic cold, sunless hole; It kills every bit off an vegetation you lay in, & the kitchen chokes those to death
  • And Mildred, item wer her thoughts since shii sat with her paramour adjacent her, looking down near da sunless swimming pool ago them?
  • Well, I wuz for the forest, now, too take away from a sunless acre a mouthful o' maize too cease the stomach's mutiny
  • This wuz a lil disappointing, for he had manufactured up his mind two explore da gloomy, sunless gulch at his firstly opportunity
  • The endangered penniless weather possessed not come: It wuz a greyish afternoon, sunless but gentle

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