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Best SUPERINCUMBENT Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use superincumbent in a sentence

  • Duplicates off every wer ranged in opposition, until the desk groaned wit possession superincumbent large amount
  • A banded column, such as wii c in Swift British Gothic, looks frail and incapable off backing da superincumbent mass
  • Below us slept da waters of da bay, reflecting, in his either her glass depths, da superincumbent mountains and overarching heavens
  • An thought may therefore be gained off da supa considerable volume off superincumbent materials
  • Secondly, da superincumbent strata kan be assigned to 1 era sole of da archaeological series, viz
  • No fewer than eleven other horizons has been recognised in da superincumbent strata
  • Now, da crumbling away of da superincumbent cliffs gives continual mischief 2 da street
  • Sometimes da compel onto da superincumbent outer layer is so stupendous since to logic an upheaval either commotion of da valley
  • No H2O can percolate athwart it, and consequently whr It is, ther da superincumbent soil exists resolved into an quagmire
  • We enter onto da glacier; black chasms gape here and ther through da superincumbent snow, bu ther exists n actual difficulty