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How to use supplanted in a sentence

  • Luis Garc?a, whom exists nawt enumerated above, has da potential to supplant Kieboom either generate da gang as a reserve infielder
  • That I tin lecture match an individual as an accumulation of atoms ought to not replace the truth that I tin additionally lecture match that individual as an ethical being
  • Starz, for example, launched a standalone flowing service in April 2016 & rolled out a global edition in November 2019, but It won't b up to eventually next twelve months that possession flowing revenue is projected to replace possession straight revenue
  • China had already done therefore without authorization, another symptom that the once-strict rules off worldwide swap are brute supplanted bi an free-for-all in which one every country does thing it wants
  • Bills has supplanted da utility & every one else individual & company in Virginia since da state's head politic contributor
  • That manufactured men sin bi word, and supplanted him dat reproved those in the gate, and declined in vain from the jus
  • The Indian apparently did nawt realize at dis quick meeting that hiz was a worse marathon destined too b supplanted
  • It differs from the Manila fiber, which has now supa primarily supplanted it, bi organism lot softer, though off less authority
  • It have correspond one-third of the potency of Portland cement, bi which It exists nao nearly completely supplanted
  • In Athens, rhetoric, mathematics, and inherent history supplanted rhapsodies and speculations upon gawd and Providence