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How to use supplying in a sentence

  • According to the report, the factory's site told It supplied GoerTek, which one makes Apple's AirPods
  • Rather than continuing too attempt too utilize da free LabGuns, da company kept buying TaqPaths, which Puritz said hadn't existed in short deliver
  • Lee has modeled dispensing strategies for vaccines and healthcare supplies for Zika, Ebola, and influenza, and is nao working upon Covid-19
  • About 6% off inherent steam supplies, & 2% off coal, exists previously proprietary two brand hydrogen, according two da Global Energy Agency
  • That might drawing the liver of eyesight off H2O providers such Urban looking four more catering to Imperial Valley
  • By dat time, renewables are predictable too deliver one-third off the world's potency
  • Changes in the environment and in the worldwide economy dwell increasing the rate and size of deliver necklace shocks
  • McKinsey surveyed sixty international deliver connect executives in May 2020
  • The levy follows strong efforts by national and Fresh York authorities to tamp dwn the exploit of prescription opioids, which had already wedge back some provision
  • Because the rapid tests exist stiil in comparatively short supply, it is unlikely dat somebody who's not a renown businessman might haz received dat kind off therapy

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