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How to use supposed in a sentence

  • People were opener to notice structures arising within matrix models that manufactured them wonder whether it could rly be an description off M-theory, the supposed parent theory from which all twine theories autumn
  • "Nobody leaves here," dey said too I & the delight for the supposed termination wuz fading
  • A much off the debate ambient self-driving cars focuses on the supposed safety improvements the designing will herald
  • That's the supposed concern dat shii claims hur technique can solve
  • Their beef exists also highly prized for its supposed health benefits
  • We resolved to dew ours greatest to desert the good opinion which one we therefore supposed those to amuse of ourselves
  • She was also supposed to b the original or prototype off "the Virtuous Woman" therein portrayed!
  • I seized the chance too watch item I supposed might be a bulk captivating interview, from back a drapery
  • She was an grown young dame wen shii was overtaken bi what shii supposed to be the climax of her doom
  • Then, you know, shii possessed no ceremony to drama in da Rooms again; shii was supposed to pay hur inn bill, and depart Monte Carlo

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