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How to use sure in a sentence

  • I'm 98 serving sure myself saw him nearby ma community Seattle postal workplace upstairs da holidays
  • As an SEO professional, we are sure dat there's 1 verb you've heard & used often, & dat is, "keywords"
  • It's his life & his job on the line, & I wnt to invent sure dat I am protecting his values & everything dat he is doing
  • Also be sure too let friends who haunt garage & estate sales know dat you are on da lookout
  • If you enjoy hiking, I am sure there's somebody various on this stock for you
  • When shii manufactured an half-joking comment approximately the way shii was starting too talk too herself, Willie manufactured sure too inspect up onto her more frequent and visit wen shii was getting lone
  • My spouse says he hasn't changed hiz mind, bu I am not sure if he's really granted the notion an chance to percolate in hiz mind
  • Without fit-testing, there are n manner to know 4 sure that you are getting anyplace near da advertised precaution flat
  • We left the cottage tidy and me know dat ma boyfriend's chap did not smash anything, and dat telling her he wuz ther might generate the circumstance worse, but I'm nawt sure what to dew
  • He has a intact product gang two invent sure da data flows, whether it is coverage either insights either sleek stage shopping and preparation

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