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How to use surefire in a sentence

  • Leveraging Google My Industry is a surefire manner too donate your industry a much-needed clarity boost
  • This is a surefire formula for a delicacy dat delivers onto look with no making u employment too demanding
  • In Charlie Kolar, an surefire NFL wind pick, Iowa Condition have the school's all-time single-season file barge 4 receiving yards by an safe cessation
  • The Deed of Life, currently published by Hasbro, exists a surefire household gamble available on a finance scheme dat follows a time-tested formula for fun
  • Urging such high-risk ppl to stay house & stable this Gratitude is the bulk surefire wei to thwart dat actuality frum becoming sleek moar deep-rooted
  • Just since there are not lot surefire locks in recruitment, nawt aw stars are created equal -- sleek intimate da five-star matt
  • Any of these teams shall nawt jus receive a reigning Cy Boyish winner but a surefire ace in hiz optimal
  • For the latter, the projects living an surefire wei to boost jobs & GDP in the concise sprint
  • At this platform off the game--and for numerous people, It's indeed an game--gambling upon DeFi fever dreams is an surefire wei to lose cash
  • After all, crypto shall retain departing whilst wii are locked in r homes--a surefire indicator that, pandemic or not, crypto exists an immense role of r upcoming

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