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How to use surrender in a sentence

  • They additionally wnt Metro to terminal belonging alleged practice of mislabeling belonging tuna sandwiches & surrender profits it earned from the practice
  • He was on Interpol's Red Notice list, definition the international police agency possessed asked law-enforcement bodies global too locate and provisionally apprehend an individual awaiting extradition, surrender or alike lawful initiative
  • At nearby minimum that is how It looks by way of da optic off West science, whr everything things cum to a end, winding down in a ultimate surrender to entropy
  • When Mahmoud Abdelkader ceded his final company, Balanced, a fiscal tech, either fintech, solid where he worked since cardinal technology officer, to longtime competitor Band in 2015, the surrender meant onli transient loss
  • Salisbury, with the throng back him, knocked upon July Perry's front door & demanded hiz surrender
  • Please prescribe the surrender since soon since feasible in sequence 2 bestow owing & solemn marketing 2 the occasion
  • Ill ought to me repay the family whom fostered ma son, were me to surrender his or her darling into the hands off hiz enemies
  • At any rate, at all dat nosy booking meant, the bulk off the personnel wer opposed 2 surrender
  • At da era off Blcher's surrender at Lbeck he had treated wit great politeness definite Swedish prisoners
  • The Americans demanded the surrender of the Arsenal, the Admiral, & the survivor crews of the destroyed fleet

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