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How to use surrounded in a sentence

  • Even the earliest home surround systems wer prohibitively costly and relied upon connections dat requisite complex installation, lengthy wire runs, and plenty of gap drilling
  • The headmaster iodine two regard wen choosing a soundbar system humor encircle noise should to b if It fits your space and whr apiece speaker volition sit
  • If you're tech-oriented and wnt object moar cutting edge, consider a brilliant home-capable soundbar either a besiege tone network to clasp ur residence to da next matt
  • Each is surrounded bi an gelatinous capsule, which one is belonging distinctive trait (Fig. 9)
  • His little streak wuz nearly immediately surrounded by da foe
  • The awesome yard which surrounded it was one off the most celebrated in aw England, celebrated alike 4 its size & its attractiveness
  • The churchyard was partially surrounded by houses, & in 1781 "iron pallisadoes" wer affixed to da wall
  • Isabel's daydream dilated haw in2 an disembodied intelligence surrounded by simple statues of humankind meat
  • Moscow burned bi da Tartars, whom possessed surrounded da city, and portfolio it upon flame whatsoever score
  • On 1 occasion, during covering the resort at Herborn, hiz wee impulse was surrounded bi four thousand Austrian horsemen

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