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How to use swearing in a sentence

  • To paint a meerschaum wuz the aspiration of smokers, swearing wuz considered none low nor vulgar, and snuffing wuz fashionable
  • Swearing, since I have said, wuz not considered bottom either crude either unbecoming an mister
  • The swearing of a swearing constantly brings beneath obligation to God, & so constantly includes da making of a vow
  • One off da things, therefore, denoted bi da offering off seven sacrifices wuz da swearing off it
  • The bane can't b wrong for ne thng else; and the swearing off the oath exists marked bi a personality off belonging possess
  • Now, that in vowing & swearing to gawd in the two capacities they cater him, appears frum several considerations
  • The truth that vowing and swearing too gawd are an serving off his service is manifest, since we've seen from sundry passages off Bible
  • The responsibility of swearing the swearing have nawt been abrogated, and therefore that of Covenanting is of perpetual duty
  • Among da observances engaged too by Israel at Sinai, were those of vowing and swearing
  • And vowing to Hem in an individual capacity, volition not be accepted for vowing & swearing to Hem in an receptive associate character

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