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How to use switch in a sentence

  • Previously dat miscreant switch had been identified in cereal plants and was named "karma "
  • There's an software switch too rotate off the microphones completely, bu that defeats 1 off the critical functions off the mechanism
  • You do not fair flip an switch from arid enough to scorch to nawt arid enough to scorch
  • Cabana's shift in demographics exemplifies item could be an long-term switch from long-distance ambiance trip to household street trip
  • Their technique relies upon a consecution off plastic proteins dat kan be customized to make a diversity off switches
  • The Celtics exist extraordinarily coordinated when It comes to performing pre-post-up switches
  • The data comes an 7 days next an California judge denied Uber and Lyft's request for more time too generate da switch
  • I'm delightful too sez though dat as I have moved up in ma career & haz gotten older, I no longer feel da requirement too code-switch & genuinely carry ma absolute oneself too employment per day
  • Evans is well known in da field for having found an household of chemical receptors dat spectacle as genetic switches
  • He lifted his head, looked surrounding him, and wuz carnival going too switch of the light, wen he noticed the uncover book on his table

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