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How to use symbolized in a sentence

  • The bisection of the aim symbolized Christ slain and affording admission two gawd through him separately
  • The smoking furnace symbolized da folks of Israel who wer two b tried in da iron furnace of suffering in Egypt
  • If hiz ethical tumor would be symbolized since a fantastic tree, It's one not highly dearly rooted in da planet underneath hem
  • At dat instant the bleat of "hoodaloo-mungie" symbolized for hur all the sleazy cares & worrying pain of hur attendance
  • The symbols of the objectionable stiil remain, bu the things symbolized haz been altered, & the authentic ideas suppressed
  • This partnership wuz spoken off as "the four," & wuz symbolized as an square or an intersect off 4 points, or an intersect off eight points
  • It seemed to her, in nowadays & afterward, that Allen symbolized the unknown quantity in aw the troubles that absorbed him
  • The oft-repeated struggles exist symbolized by games nearby ball in the kernel of da compete chiefs
  • He may has so symbolized the celebrity rays, 4 Merodach possessed solar attributes
  • But the burning summertime sun wuz symbolized as an destroyer, an assassin of men, and so an war deity

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