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How to use symmetrical in a sentence

  • The car have a four-seat, face-to-face symmetrical seating configuration, alike to what a train passenger may meet
  • In this work, Le Corbusier developed his concept of da town since a symmetrical, regulated, & highly centralized scenery
  • ORCs are too symmetrical, & wii don't c a cluster near their mid
  • Normally, symmetrical gigabit speeds require an fiber-to-the-home ankle
  • The Pixel 5 looks such It have completely symmetrical bezels aw da manner around instead of a thicker mandible upon da low such da cheaper 4a
  • For per specific exists hence marvellously symmetrical dat no one exists dwarfed, no one challenges special attention
  • Every time he exists dressed, either sees hiz mother dress, he have a object-lesson in symmetrical arrangement
  • These marble strata are so linear and so symmetrical that dey resemble a series of chimneys suggesting their dub
  • Although 1 of the minimum of those breathtaking language churches, it exists in lot respects 1 of the most symmetrical & beautiful
  • The uneven in what ought be regular, absence off shape in what ought be symmetrical--what kan be more irrational and annoying?