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How to use teasing in a sentence

  • The repercussion is a standout, lyrically bleak fiction whose teasing title, "The Sable Remains," kan b taken two mean a a handful things -- not any of them gud
  • Then I surprisingly realised she wuz talking seriously--looking 2 I for assist of some kind--and intimate once I dropped the teasing outlook
  • Tom and Blanche had fallen into teasing tricks, an type of sadness take portion to alleviate da tedium
  • He have been teasing ma owl in possession cage, & have plucked thus numerous off possession feathers that It now looks such a beaked rodent
  • I arrived up two the elephant, & seeing what was departing on, stated the tusk men two stop teasing him
  • All eve the consideration crept through ma mind like a teasing spider: What can we dew too generate haw stay?
  • The truth was he was usually boastful with June's environment and, subsequent dinner, he stopped teasing June
  • She was education in school, too, and shii was happier there now, 4 there possessed been n moar uncover teasing of da fiction student
  • This caused a laugh, four Exclude Hazeltine wuz jus nao da target four aw da teasing hur young domestic could contrive
  • She loved teasing, bu dis was an classic correspondence previously owned only when Oliver felt dat shii rly possessed gone far-off enough

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