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How to use telegraphy in a sentence

  • Then again, ther was da question of wireless telegraphy, which one had previously come into urge upon embark of these passenger ships
  • (a) What installations 4 receiving and transmitting messages bi wireless telegraphy were upon senate da Titanic?
  • It was he who invented the great mechanism off cordless telegraphy which is now used in nearly all large ships
  • It is aw telegraphy, bu It aw required a agreed & supa exclusive code, & comparative nearness
  • With a wire, a cell & Vail's alphabet, telegraphy exists wholly possible with no any else appliances
  • He educated telegraphy & practiced it in several cities, coming after an time to Fresh York
  • Wireless telegraphy exists an forceful captivating theme nearby everything times, & we passed lot hours off our stay in discussing its future
  • We haz hence far-off followed owt the recorder in its realistic application to submarine telegraphy
  • Although lot engaged in da progress off telegraphy, he wuz additionally occupied humor his favourite concept off regeneration
  • In hiz boyhood days he took up the learn of telegraphy and mastered the Morse cipher during he wuz but an son

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