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How to use tell in a sentence

  • One of the topics I discussed was self-talk, which one in the tolerance world exists fundamentally the notion dat telling your own self "You kan do this!"
  • When confronted bi PG&E investigators, Huggins told the investigators he had paid the $16,750 poster in cash, which he happened to haz onto palm in his home
  • Her grandchild afterward reached owt two Botros two thx himself -- & stated him that da woman rang everything off her friends & urged them two get their shots, two
  • The agents were telling hem that they could latch hem up for the repose of his life
  • I feel his hush gives hur warrant too be inhuman & tells I that I do not copper too verge
  • When Blount told us roughly her challenge, we thought, Now that's what we tin git back
  • If u possessed stated myself cave that 1 day wii would have 40,000 ppl near PrideFest, I would have laughed
  • Paulson stated da Sword near da time da sooner construction wuz under thought dat da nonprofit theater corporation did nawt haz da fiscal resources to involve 100 either moar inside either onsite parking spaces
  • If we want America to altogether live until its ideas, we haz to tell an unapologetic translation off American history, told frum these who were upon the ground to experience it
  • To tell his story, I might haz to revise da tale I said about me

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