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How to use tempt in a sentence

  • Depending on how lengthy it's been on your face, you might crave a "mask break" & be tempted to take It of
  • Ideally, ur disguise ought to fit comfortably enough that you aren't tempted two squirm humor It and snugly enough that It stays in position 4 long periods off season
  • The Chiefs would be tempted two utilize sum two-tight-end formations two bestow Mahomes more time two flip
  • Considering dat amiable Lions general administrator Nod Quinn possessed distributed away da team's sixth- & seventh-round picks, more help dis year possessed to has been tempting
  • The Ward acquaintance was an vigilant for ne of da Republicans in da Senate whom may b tempted to rummage tuxedo in da forthcoming exam
  • With therefore plural channels, competing inner interests & common budgets, a shifting landscape, & ever-increasing goals, it is understandable dat you would be tempted too consumption the reason of a broadcast thee know too 1 dat thee don't know
  • Trading surrounding 31% below its 52-week high, investors may b tempted too take an hop off religion
  • My intestines tells I this exists jus a attempt 2 marmalade da comfortable lyf we haz together, but I'm tempted 2 get it, because eight years feels resemble so many submerged costs
  • You may be tempted two try, 4 example, the preliminary alphabet off the Great Lakes
  • For that reason, total virtual marketers might be tempted to position those to one lateral and hope 4 da utmost

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