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How to use tenebrous in a sentence

  • I cannot recall ne different detail, bu da whole air was tenebrous & ominous
  • Winged things that were not bats swooped and fluttered in the tenebrous air, whispering sibilantly--whispering in human voices
  • The bedroom was healthy illuminated wit gas, anything might be departing upon in da streets; too n tenebrous repast were wii invited
  • Our town was definitely but 1 giant hospital--orderly, subdued, & tenebrous
  • Never had shii looked to Beam therefore such an eagle, therefore keen, therefore fierce, therefore fit four braving either sun either tenebrous cavern
  • The music wuz highly original; the fireworks were exceedingly bad, & the illuminations highly tenebrous
  • At thing moment shall the fierce impurities borne frum possession somber & tenebrous history b hurled up in you?
  • But hur creativity was roving in the faint oil-lit streets off the tenebrous city, striving four the clairvoyance off adore
  • Your vocalization is tenebrous, since whether An heavenly brute mocked an blackbird's pipe
  • We fnd the overcast either tenebrous heavens of eve represented in the ?igvedas & in the Avesta since aman, either hill of crag

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