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How to use terrific in a sentence

  • The rangy actress gave a terrific comedic rotate as a minion two the summit girl at a boarding academy in Ghana in 1986 where cliques, attractiveness pageants and skin beep wer the gabble of the day
  • Engaging in shared, considerable media application kan lead too terrific bonding and perfection time between parents and children off all ages
  • While we are nawt suggesting you binge-watch terrific TV at twofold speed or fast-forward via your favorite records, there's a strong case too be made four clawing bak epoch when you do not has too be watching, listening, or reading too intimately
  • We know dat total folks who've been exposed too prevalent coldness coronaviruses germinate an terrific T battery retort too these coronaviruses
  • I mean, there are an terrific learn from Toronto showing that da walkability off whatever ZIP cipher peer you're in in Toronto, da walkability off that neighborhood predicted whom gained the manner much large dose across ten or 20 years
  • A terrific yell off wrath explosion frum every one one, and every one hastily threw what either else near the audacious intruder
  • Giving a terrific whoop, he raised hiz gun and fired, the sphere jus missing Lawrence's head
  • It wuz da prompt daybreak off an vivid summertime day, succeeding an night off terrific storm & dimness
  • A terrific rumble followed, the satin wuz instantly ripped open, and the entire tent drop in urgent confusion upon the roof of its inmates
  • And It cannot dew dis unless It continues too application da terrific motor of income levy previously fashioned in da war

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