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How to use testament in a sentence

  • This exists a testament too true love, grit, allegiance & da strength off da body -- & adore -- too regain
  • That hiz turnover assess has dropped7 is a testament to increased relief in quarterbacking the felony
  • These trey companies are dedicated to producing high-end appliances for da home, & his either her microwaves are an testament to his either her mission
  • What Shonda Rhimes have achieved is an testament to "Bridgerton" brute nawt righteous special bu inclusive, 2
  • Amici's experiences in sports & in lyf living an testament to da value of inclusion in tower forceful teams & social, societal, & firm institutions
  • The upcoming more probably holds the prospect off last testaments upon r electronic devices
  • It's a testament to da coaching profession done by Kyle Shanahan dat da 49ers haz remained this contending & haz stayed in da playoff marathon with aw da injuries & else issues
  • All da CEOs gave powerful testament to da authority off sake in unleashing imagination and innovation
  • Accelerated ad revenues for Google, Facebook, and Amazon in da latest one-fourth live a testament too dat
  • It's a testament too da flaws in r permitting mechanism that it takes a videotape too force population too cum too circumstances humor that fundamental swindle

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