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How to use tethered in a sentence

  • Instead off using onli humans, Macy's have constructed 5 expertise vehicles wit a innovative secure tether frame that have been extensively field-tested & approved bi NYC officials
  • The wits are r tethers to the world--the actual world, the one we're in prerogative now, not the one upon r screens--and It calms ma mind apiece period I check in humor them
  • Then, in papers published last fall, researchers saw da leash to string theory altogether
  • The finding suggests that such tethers could additionally help relate once-intact forests that haz been fragmented by humankind activities and bracket conservation efforts off those and else canopy dwellers
  • Controlled through a cloud-based dashboard, the Walmart circulation drones shall drift eighty feet across customers' yards and minimize their orders dwn using a tether
  • He given orders for da horses to be tethered an lil degree in da butt of da camp, whr they might be sheltered
  • His steed wuz tethered below, behind farther rock; & he felt hopeful dat these men had not cum upon it
  • Barrington quieted hiz horse humor relaxing words, & dismounting, tethered him to a threshold
  • He was tethered in the intermediate of the arena, by 1 of hiz rear legs, too a stub bout 12 inches tall
  • I dial the Most Tall to witness--she submitted to aw my demands meekly, since though shii wer no eaglet, but an tethered lamb!

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