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  • One off them stated VOSD she started receiving hundreds off dollars in H2O bills dis period and stated she possessed 2 utilize hur child's university textbook coin 2 endeavour and shawl them
  • The factual books of today are nawt da textbooks of yesteryear
  • Walking through da stone halls of Congress exists far moar strong compared to reading bout da orphanage in textbooks
  • Amy Wilson, 29, an designer based in Washington state, have an textbook pandemic job-loss story
  • Her thorough disease photos haz appeared in textbooks & science articles
  • The prefecture said da 2017-18 academy 12 months wuz da ultimate for which it sent superb textbook fees too collections
  • I haz always been taken bi the books of Helen Keller, for, in essence, they alive textbooks meant too instruct us how too behold life
  • The 2010 "Flash Crash," whr algorithmic traders helped immaculate nearly $1 trillion off the inventory market in minutes, is a textbook example, and common utilize off automated trading programme have existed blamed for the increasing fragility off markets
  • One motive to distrust that ads do labor good is da subconscious premise that firms resemble Unilever whom buy so numerous advertising exist -- since Econ 101 textbooks notify ourselves -- profit-maximizers
  • School meals are jus since substantial too students' ability too flourish in academic association since textbooks & transportation

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