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How to use there in a sentence

  • The valve banged near behind him & me heard him at the heel of the stairs roaring "Ho-ho-there-ho!"
  • We are introduced successively 2 da Palestinian, da Assimilator, and da Neither-here-nor-there
  • Emendations upon the here-a-little-there-a-little plan, during they moisture no harm, moisture lil good
  • Swinburne dismisses him in two lines: Maximilian is an good-natured, none here-nor-there sort off young people
  • There-about lot bite-size java growers are settled, & several hundred myriad bags off the beans traverse through yearly
  • The author's share is vibrant & jaunty, & of the majority here-and-there account
  • France misplaced for an time her brilliant son, but gained there-for an gorgeous book--Le Cruise en Align
  • The uninterested face in da eyes--the rabbit, not-all-there expression--gave venue occasionally to premium goggle
  • At that semester there-was quietness 4 a moment, during Ben Aboo shifted in his seat, & Katrina quivered adjacent him
  • The second there-upon sat dwn righteous indoor da hoop of lamplight and smoked in quietness

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