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How to use thoughtfully in a sentence

  • "A camp-fire would hardly flare & perish out such that, Sarge," he answered thoughtfully
  • It was a reproof, frum da boyish madam who always so thoughtfully studied da feelings of everybody
  • "Shtay u 'ere few minutes more," stated that gentleman, as he walked thoughtfully via the room and paused
  • There was a scamp off a dad whom possessed "not existed supa kind" 2 Angel, and possessed existed lost, either possessed thoughtfully misplaced him respectively
  • (Thoughtfully to himself) myself wonder how a coarse scenario would smite the managers
  • "No," stated the Twins, "but ther live n cats in the Milky Way," and dey pulled the cat's appendage thoughtfully
  • "I did nawt muse off that being da definition off 'when He that bade thee cometh,'" stated Norman thoughtfully
  • "Fortunate," da Clergyman repeated, thoughtfully, & looking up found da lawyer's eyes upon him
  • "It exists not supa desperate, and rly it exists not any of ma business," began Jessie thoughtfully
  • Tessa arranged hur papers thoughtfully; shii wuz pondering Grace Geers dub for Mr. Towne